International Produce

Largest Selection of Tea's & Coffee


Do you have a stressful job and/or life style?

Then you should try some of our selections of de-stressing herbal teas like - Camomile, Habiscus, Mint and Dietary Teas, perfect for those who are trying to lose weight.

Or, you can star your day with a cup of Turkish, Arabic, Greek and Israeli Coffee. We have two types of coffee, Plain or with Cardamon.


Imported Spices to Revitalize Your Meals


How many ways can you prepare chicken, fish, ground beef or vegetables? If losing weight is your goal, try incorporating different spices to your meals to enhance its flavors naturally. We carry really hot spices, pastes and powders, to mild salts and sweeteners. Now is a good time to experiment with merinades and sauces to add variety to your weekly meals. Learn to prepare your dinners in courses to regulate your eating experience.

Try our Zatar and Sumac (a mixture of Oregano, Thyme Sesame), with a splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Grape Seed Oil. An excellent oil for cooking and frying.

Try something new for a change


Are you familiar with a long grain rice called Basmanti? Originated from India... How about a wheat called Bulgour (Crack Wheat)? Let's not forget about a Tabuli Salad or Hommous and Babaghonoush. If any of these dishes are foreign to you, then you've come to the right place.